Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Retinal Detachment Following Open Globe Injury Explained

With over 200,000 open globe injuries occurring around the world, ocular trauma, which causes the open globe injury, remains an important cause of vision loss. In many cases, retinal detachment follows the traumatic injury, causing significant vision loss or blindness. Researchers from the Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates and Harvard Medical School Department of Ophthalmology report on the first study in 35 years that reviews the circumstances ...

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Gays Welcomed in US Boy Scouts

By officially welcoming gay youths into their ranks, the Boy Scouts of America are starting the new year. For more than two decades, the iconic youth organization known for its "be prepared" ethos has explicitly barred homosexuals, in contrast to the more LGBT-friendly Girl Scouts of the USA. Last May, the Boy Scouts' national council voted 61 percent to no longer deny membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation -- although it retained a ban ...

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Festive Lottery Staged by Catalonia

Millions of euros have been awarded by the Spanish region of Catalonia, where leaders are pushing for independence. The new lottery was dubbed "La Grossa" in Catalan, a nod to "El Gordo", or "The Fat One", the top prize in Spain's traditional Christmas draw which recorded falling sales this year despite its popularity. The Catalan draw was organised by the regional government, whose leader Artur Mas has called for a referendum in 2014 on breaking away ...

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Top US Court Approached by Utah Regarding Gay Marriage Ruling

In an attempt to disallow same-sex marriage in the western state, Utah has now appealed to the US Supreme Court to suspend the judge rule allowing same-sex marriage. Its attorney general's office filed an emergency request to stay a decision by judge Robert J. Shelby of Utah's Federal District Court, who said the state's law conflicts with the US constitution. "Applicants respectfully apply for an immediate stay pending an appeal of a judgment and injunction ...

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Francois Hollande Vows 'intransigence' on Racism

Following a provocative gesture by a French comedian that sparked global controversy, the French President Francois Hollande has claimed that he would be "intransigent" on racism. French striker Nicolas Anelka triggered a media outcry when he used the 'quenelle' gesture, performed by putting one arm across his chest and straightening the other, during a weekend football match. Described by critics as an 'inverted Nazi salute', it was popularised by the ...

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